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Market information for product and service configuration

Every service consists of a multitude of components, the specific combination of which determines the value for customers. Ideally, most customers want the ideal product at the lowest price – but this is frequently neither feasible nor marketable in terms of price.

We give you confidence in the design of product and service features (e.g., brand, warranty, design, durability, components, price). On the basis of realistic selection decisions within the framework of conjoint surveys, the importance of performance components, the benefit per characteristic, and an ideal combination of offer components are determined. This enables you to correctly determine the services that are attractive to your customers and provides you with a sound decision-making basis for product and service design, pricing, and sales planning.

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Top questions:

  • Which potential features should be integrated into a product?
  • Which combination of features creates the greatest customer benefit?
  • What is the degree of attractiveness of product and service features for certain customer groups?
  • What is the best price for this performance?
  • What sales potential do we have at what price?


Preferences of product and service features

Price premium for product and service components  

Preferred products and services

Price and demand curves

Optimization simulations for product features and assortments