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Market information for MIS

We help to make strategy implementation measurable through appropriate KPIs—such as: Satisfaction, Referral, and Brand Content—which continuously uncover opportunities for improvement. Deviations from the intended growth path and from the desired meaning of the brand, as well as challenges and opportunities due to changing environmental conditions, are identified in time.

We collect the information reliably and objectively, process it in a manner relevant for decision-making and optionally feed it into existing management information systems (MIS), such as balanced scorecards or objectives and key results (OKRs), or process it in an easily comprehensible manner in the IMARK dashboard.

You decide on the basis of current, relevant, and reliable data and can rely on the fact that important KPIs are also collected methodically and reliably for target agreements.

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Top questions:

  • How do we measure the progress and degree of our success in strategy implementation?
  • Which metrics along the purchase decision process and the customer journey are suitable for managing our business?
  • Who in the company needs what market information to do their job effectively?
  • How do we obtain the data required for the defined metrics in the most efficient and valid form?
  • Which KPIs do we integrate into our incentive systems and how?


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