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Employee surveys for maximum employee satisfaction and successful employer branding

Retaining existing employees and attracting new ones through successful employer branding is one of the most important tasks of management. With customized employee surveys and analyses, we provide the necessary information.

Top questions

  • How satisfied are our employees and what factors are essential for their loyalty to the company?
  • Which activities are the most suitable to increase loyalty?
  • What needs to be done to motivate employees to recommend our company as an employer?
  • How can the reputation of our organization be enhanced among potential employees?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves attractively from other employers?
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Customized employee surveys

We develop customized employee surveys, especially for your business context and goals. We draw on a scientifically sound pool of methods and more than 2000 validated questions on employee satisfaction and workplace evaluation.

Recommendations for action and implementation support for maximum employee loyalty

We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from defining the scope of research, setting objectives and the implementation of improvements. A well-established change and improvement process helps to significantly improve the personal work environment of employees and to retain them in the company.

Our strategy consultants and network partners help with workshops and coaching to implement the survey results in employer branding and workplace improvements.

Continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring

Employer brand monitoring of key KPIs as an ongoing process, such as: Employer Reputation, Employee Satisfaction, Employer Brand Awareness and Perception, Employee Turnover Rate, Time-to-Fill

We help you to build an efficient monitoring system from internal and external data sources and to prepare the results in your or our dashboard in such a way that the responsible employees can work successfully with it.


AI supported text analysis
Analysis of scanner data
Associative/Projective Techniques
Image worlds
Brand Association Maps
Cluster/factor analyses
Conjoint analyses
Critical Incident Technique
Customer journey
Dynamic Analysis
Individual interviews/in-depth interviews
Experience mapping
Expert interviews
Free Associations
Friendship Pair Interviews
In-home, in-store or in-company interviews
Causal/driver analyses
Max Diff
Means-end chain analysis
Morphological box
Multi Sensory Sculpting®
Mystery shopping
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Online focus groups
Online surveys (CAWI)
Paper & Pencil surveys
Regression analyses
Scenario Analysis
Telephone surveys (CATI)
Traditional focus groups
Trend reports
Time series analyses
Context analysis

Other service areas

Customer Satisfaction Brand Analysis Product Design Market Analyses Management Information Systems