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Market research for successful innovation and positioning decisions

In the search for innovations and the development of a promising market position, the perspective of potential service buyers and relevant stakeholders is often missing. Based on creative market and system partner analyses, we help you develop innovative product and service concepts as well as positioning decisions.

Top questions

  • Which problems, expectations and demands do our (potential) customers and partners have and how do they evolve?
  • Which market segments should we distinguish, how attractive is each of them and what are our relative competitive strengths respectively?
  • Which developments in our market and its environment (new technologies, legal framework, infrastructure, values …) do we have to consider?
  • Which new markets should we enter and how?
  • What additional services can we offer given our existing core competencies?
  • How do customers assess new product and service concepts?
  • Which sales and communication channels can we use to reach new customers?
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Individually customized market analyses for innovation and positioning decisions

We use the most suitable combinations of scientifically based methods for your market intelligence. Targeted desk research, expert interviews, qualitative and quantitative surveys with scientifically sound methods help to better understand customers and markets and to make the right decisions.

Recommendations for action and implementation support

We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from defining the initial situation to implementation. You receive the information required for the development of innovative products, the selection of product ideas, attractive markets and market segments as well as the formulation of a targeted market position or the unique selling proposition. Our strategy consultants support you and your teams in interpreting and implementing the results.

Examples outputs of market analyses

Market share

Typologies and segments




AI supported text analysis
Analysis of scanner data
Associative/Projective Techniques
Image worlds
Brand Association Maps
Cluster/factor analyses
Conjoint analyses
Critical Incident Technique
Customer journey
Dynamic Analysis
Individual interviews/in-depth interviews
Experience mapping
Expert interviews
Free Associations
Friendship Pair Interviews
In-home, in-store or in-company interviews
Causal/driver analyses
Max Diff
Means-end chain analysis
Morphological box
Multi Sensory Sculpting®
Mystery shopping
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Online focus groups
Online surveys (CAWI)
Paper & Pencil surveys
Regression analyses
Scenario Analysis
Telephone surveys (CATI)
Traditional focus groups
Trend reports
Time series analyses
Context analysis

Other service areas

Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction and Employer Branding Brand Analysis Product Design Management Information Systems