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Leal Group

Model configuration for BMW importers


  • Development of a methodology to determine customer preferences regarding car options and their willingness to pay.
  • Methodology that can be quickly adapted to different models (1 Series, 3 Series, X5 etc.) and to international markets
  • Determination of utility values for car options at different levels and their impact on the purchase decision
  • Simulation of optimized car packages (exterior, interior and technology/services) regarding market share and revenue


  • Importer selects model and the most important car options in the respective market  
  • Development and programming of an online survey for interviewing potential or existing BMW customers
  • Conception and realization of the conjoint analysis (ACBC variant)
  • Calculation of the utility values of the individual levels of each car option
  • Simulation of the optimal combination of options with regard to certain target values (e.g. market share)


  • Clarity about the preferences on car options of potential customers
  • Optimized model design for specific target groups
  • Comparison of the cost-benefit relationship of each analyzed car option and the possibility of evaluating the current price structure 
  • Understanding of the potential market share by modifying the existing model range
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