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hollu Systemhygiene GmbH

Establishing a system to measure relationship quality

hollu was founded in 1905 as a family business and is Austria’s leading manufacturer of cleaning products and machines. Its focus is on the manufacture of innovative cleaning systems for all areas of cleaning and hygiene, which can be combined together in different ways.

hollu is characterized by its conscious use of natural resources and consistently invests in the development of environmentally friendly products and applications. Its product portfolio ranges from high-performance cleaning and care products, cleaning aids and machines to their customers, e.g. trainings or consulting. Throughout its activities hollu strives to build close cooperation with long-standing customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Our mission

The NetPromoterScore® is one of hollu’s key indicators of marketing activities. Our mission was to develop a standardized survey tool that enabled the NPS® to be repeatedly surveyed to check target achievement and performance evaluation.

The following requirements were placed on the instrument:

  • Comparability across divisions and periods of the NPS®
  • Linking key performance factors and experiences to the NPS®
  • Including current topics
  • Respondents can be contacted by hollu to discuss new trends, products or any issues that they might face


hollu Systemhygiene GmbH


NPS® Monitoring

Country focus
Austria, Italy

German, Italian

Online- and telephone survey

hollu customers from the last 4 months

3x yearly since 2017

Our approach

  • Survey carried out 3 times per year
  • Respondents reply online or by phone
  • Potential respondents are hollu customers of the last 4 months
  • Reporting in the IMARK Insight Viewer

Overview of procedure:

In the first step, an online standardized survey was developed as a platform to allow current and future topics to be integrated.

The NPS® survey takes place 3 times a year with hollu buyers from the last 4 months. For the survey, we rely on a combined approach with parallel telephone and online surveys. This ensures the widest possible spread and, with smaller subgroups, higher numbers of cases can be achieved. Our algorithm ensures that:

  • Customers from all divisions and regions are considered equally
  • Every customer is surveyed only once a year
  • Sufficiently large sub-samples are available in all three waves

The data is visualized in the IMARK Insight Viewer. The dashboard presents the NPS® data for all periods. The IMARK Insight Viewer allows hollu to analyse customer subgroups and if required, IMARK can undertake in-depth analyses (e.g. driver analysis, cluster analysis, etc.) using multivariate methods.

Insights and Call-to-action

  • Assessment of the relationship quality between the customer and company based on the NPS® (across companies and according to subgroups such as regions, divisions, etc.)
  • Specification of customer experiences (experiences and satisfaction)
  • Insights on relevant and current topics

With the help of the IMARK Insight Viewer and further analysis, results are quickly available and easy to interpret. This has the following benefits:

  • NPS® is directly involved in strategic and operational considerations at various management levels
  • The tracking approach enables the early detection of undesirable developments and countermeasures can be taken in good time
  • Questionnaire flexibility allows current topics to be dealt with promptly and cost-effectively

Respondents can choose to be contacted by hollu in order to discuss negative/positive experiences, questions about the product portfolio or new trends, for example.