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Implement cross-divisional understanding of strategy

The STIWA Group is a family-owned company based in Attnang-Puchheim, Austria. It is one of the leading providers of manufacturing automation and provides services in mechanical engineering, software development and service. As a second successful business area the company developed automotive supplier production (on its own high-performance automation). The company, with locations in Austria, Germany, the USA and China, currently has around 2.000 employees and annual sales of over € 250 million.

Our Mission

  • Development of a strategy at company-level, individual business units and international locations
  • Development of a uniform process to ensure comparability of procedures and results across the entire company
  • Establish a reviewing processes to implement continuous strategy updates
  • Support the individual management teams to develop their respective strategies through moderation workshops, coaching analysis teams, etc.

Image: STIWA Group


STIWA Group, Attnang-Puchheim

High performance automation, automotive supplier production

Strategy development

Development of overall structure and process for group-wide strategy development, moderation of analysis and decision-making workshops at the level of entire companies and business units

“With the support of IMARK, the newly established business units were able to independently define their strategic direction for the coming years. IMARK’s facilitators settled into the specific business of high-performance automation to such an extent that they were able to challenge and question our ideas.”

– Wolfram Schrittesser, Managing Director of STIWA Automation GmbH –

Our Approach

  • Moderation of strategy workshops at company-level (owner, management, divisional management)
  • Support business units and location teams in the positioning process
  • Coach project managers in analysis and preparation
  • Moderation of the annual strategy update meetings across the company and business units

Image: STIWA Group

Working on the following levels:


Framework and basic strategy: goals and priorities, portfolio of business areas and technologies, core competencies, values, differentiation, strategic initiatives

Business unit level

Positioning: trends, sub-markets / segments, goals, differentiation, actions

The establishment of a STIWA-wide strategy process ensures uniformity across all business units and international locations. The results of the individual strategy teams always build on the same basis, the comparability of the results is guaranteed and a common understanding of strategy is promoted in the company (common language, common tools, uniform form of reporting) and the quality of the strategy work increased at all levels.


Results and Learnings

  • Clarity to management about the future focus (goals, technologies, strategic initiatives) and growth ambitions of the entire company
  • Clarity to the eight business units and the international locations about the future direction (sub-markets / segments, goals, strategic focus and measures)
  • Security that the defined priorities and measures are also implemented by coupling the results of strategy development with the internal balanced scorecard processes

„IMARK has brought to our strategy work a new level of quality. The uniform process ensures that everyone pulls together, speaks the same language and has a common picture of our future developed.“

– DI Walter Simunek, Head of Quality Management and Organizational Development, STIWA Group –