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Continuous brand work now more than ever!

“Everything remains different,” sings Herbert Grönemeyer, expressing a saying that expresses permanence and transformation in the same breath but leaves the end state of this development open. It leaves open at what point in time a result will occur and what exactly it will be. Everything remains different is a proverb that most likely describes the current situation of many organizations that have had to leave their familiar path during the 2020s and are cautiously looking ahead to where this change will take them.

On this path of change, organizations can draw on a valuable repertoire of experience, knowledge, and intuition to help them determine what works and what simply doesn’t work when making brand-relevant decisions, especially in times of crisis. We have compiled a few important questions that should help organizations in their ongoing brand work to emerge stronger from the crisis. Take some time to reflect on these questions. And, if you wish, we’ll be there for you: as a sparring partner, a challenger, a questioner, a thought-structurer, a listener, or an encourager. Get in touch if you have the space and energy for strategic brand work—because everything remains different requires continuous brand work.

Now more than ever!