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Pichler Projects

Where do we want our company to go in the next five years?

For generations, the Pichler family has been involved in the processing of iron and steel and can look back on a long tradition of craftsmanship. Today, Pichler Projects manages architectural projects worldwide involving steel construction or facades. Numerous reference projects with local and international architects, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Massimiliano Fuksas, David Chipperfield Architects, or Foster+Partners, are the result of the core competence of Pichler Projects: to deliver technologically as well as architecturally convincing building solutions with high precision and at high speed.

Our mission

  • Supporting the management in the development of the corporate strategy for the next five years
  • Clarification of the future brand identity
  • Agreement on measures for the successful implementation of the corporate strategy

Photo: Pichler Projects

Project Facts

Pichler Projects

Steel construction and facades

Strategy development, brand

Top management workshops, customer and
employee discussions, expert interviews

“The revision of a brand belongs to the supreme discipline of marketing. IMARK supported us professionally and competently.”

– Markus Walder, Head of Marketing, Pichler Projects –

Our approach

  • Discussions with customers and employees of Pichler Projects as well as experts from the construction industry
  • Analysis of important changes in the micro and macro environment as well as competitor analysis
  • Clarification of key decisions regarding the strategy formulation in workshops with management
  • Communication of the results across the company

Photo: Pichler Projects

Clarification of the following strategy decisions:

Corporate vision

Future areas of activity

Corporate values and rules of conduct

Goals (markets, reputation, organization, finances)

Brand meaning and contact point design


Once the future corporate strategy was agreed, a series of implementation projects were immediately launched to bring the strategy from the conceptual level to life. These implementation projects included, for example, a structured assessment of the likelihood of success with project inquiries, the attractiveness of the company as an employer brand, and a new brand identity.

In all project steps, great importance was attached to ensuring the quality of decisions by diligently collecting and processing market information, intensively discussing and evaluating alternatives, and ensuring that the decisions made were supported by all those affected.


Results and consequences thereof

  • Clarity in management about future focus areas (technologies, markets, investments) and growth ambitions
  • Intensive communication of the results to all employees to ensure their support
  • Completely new brand identity including change of name (old: Stahlbau Pichler; new: Pichler Projects) and moves to clearly signal the broader focus (beyond steel)

A strategy paper, the content of which is readable but not lived, has little value, but in many companies it is the result of such a process. In this case, Pichler Projects immediately launched a series of cross-departmental implementation projects involving many employees to ensure that the goals and values stated in the paper were immediately felt.

“IMARK helped us to answer essential questions for our company together, well informed and efficiently. We have a common picture of where we want to go – and this picture helps us in many of our decisions.”

– Walter Pichler –

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