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Author: Alexander Corn

Multi-Method Research

The attitudes and behaviours of consumers towards a brand are influenced by what consumers know and think consciously and unconsciously about the brand. The article by Koll, von Wallpach and Kreuzer considers the value of using three approaches to assess brand knowledge: free association technique, storytelling,

The heterogeneity of intra‐brand knowledge

What customers associate with a brand is the result of what they have felt, learnt, seen and heard about the brand. This knowledge impacts the attitudinal and behavioral brand response of customers (and vice versa). Koll and von Wallpach identify how customer segments of one

Win-win strategies at discount stores

Deleersynder, Dekimpe, Steeenkamp and Koll adress the issue that well-known discounters extend their assortment with attractive national brand offerings. The reason behind this strategy of discounters is to differentiate themselves from other discounters, build stronger and more sustainable consumer relations and thereby moving beyond a