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Market Research

One pie, many recipes: Alternative paths to high brand strength

Brand strength, defined as an evaluative or behavioural response to a brand, is at the heart of brand management. This research studies the simultaneous influence of number, favourability, consensus (measured and perceived), and uniqueness of brand associations on brand strength in two product categories: gasoline

Recipes for brand loyalty in the car industry

FsQCA (fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis) emphasizes the value of configurational logic to learn about factors that jointly support or prevent certain outcomes. We used this approach to learn about the likelihood of someone repurchasing the car brand they currently own. The analysis showed that

Marketing Intelligence

What comes to your mind when you think of Marketing Intelligence? Many organizations and entrepreneurs report frustration, stress or even a waste of their time. That’s the reason why we investigated this topic in more detail by speaking to 20 top managers in large Austrian