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Strategic work is required at different company levels (entire company, business units, branches, etc.) and deals with different priorities (development of the entire company, branding, the positioning of products and services). But they share one objective: Organizations must master the tension between stakeholder expectations and market environment changes. This requires an in-depth analysis of market developments, stakeholder needs and expectations, as well as your own skills, and a company-wide agreement on how to master any future path. This is where we see our contribution: To develop an image of the future that will serve as a beacon for the actions of all employees. At IMARK, three aspects are particularly important to us:

We design efficient processes

Through a structured sequence of information collection, analysis and exchange, we ensure that information is properly interpreted, possible solutions are discussed, and joint decisions are made.

We see ourselves as an engine and process facilitator

Strategic decisions have to be made and supported by employees of your company. We help you to critically question assumptions, ensure that strategic decisions are made and secure that the day-to-day running of the business furthers the attainment of these objectives.

We carry the “voice of the market” into your company

We ensure that customers’ wants, stakeholder expectations, as well as technological, cultural and economic developments are integrated into your company as part of the solution.

strategy processes accompanied
workshops moderated
brand developments accompanied