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Multi-Sensory Sculpting®

Consumers experience brands via products, places, people, or brand-related activities and with multiple senses involving, vision, smell, touch, taste, audition or body movements, amongst others. Brand Managers need to get access to and understand these complex multi-layered and multi-sensory brand meanings.

Multi-Sensory Sculpting® is an innovative qualitative research tool that addresses all senses and thus helps consumers to express multi-sensory and non-conscious thoughts and feelings. Respondents are faced with a range of materials that appeal to different senses. They then choose and combine these materials into one or more sculptures manifesting the brand as they perceive it. Both, the sculpture and verbal description are analyzed (using metaphor analysis) and provide insight into multi-sensory brand meanings.

MSS® is used for strategic brand development, brand monitoring, multi-sensory brand experiences and understanding abstract concepts.


More information on Multi-Sensory Sculpting:

Sylvia von Wallpach, Maria Kreuzer (2012). Multi-Sensory Sculpting (MSS): Eliciting embodied brand knowledge via multi-sensory metaphors. Journal of Business Research, Special Issue on Advancing Research Methods in Marketing.