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Author: Johanna

Our Strategic Approach

Four building blocks for successfully shaping the future Strategy is the shared vision of an attractive future and a clear plan for how organizations can achieve it. To be successful in this, four building blocks are required that are interdependent and mutually reinforcing: an ambitious

Kontinuierliche Markenarbeit

Continuous brand work now more than ever!

“Everything remains different,” sings Herbert Grönemeyer, expressing a saying that expresses permanence and transformation in the same breath but leaves the end state of this development open. It leaves open at what point in time a result will occur and what exactly it will be.

Quality in qualitative market research

Questionable practices in the market research industry have led to calls for quality, including in qualitative market research. Compared to quantitative market research, there are very few standardized criteria in qualitative market research for measuring its quality. We would like to present some ideas for